The Garden

Here you can keep track of everything that will develop in the garden. Check back from time to time.

Alchemilla has revealed to us how she would like and dreams the garden to be in a future state. We are doing our best for it.

Everything is growing and we are waiting. In the meantime, A. has asked to plant: various mallows, poppies, cornflower, brook carnation, light carnation, and last but not least lady’s mantle.

Rudy Kanhye, a member of Glasgow’s Gunny Bag Collective, which he runs with Lauren La Rose, is lighting candles around the garden. We collaborated with them on the night for a menu and later a cocktail; Achemilla putting her culinary imagination into recipes which they then brought to perfection.

A: “We’ve planted St. John’s wort to repel various types of negative energies and to attract positive ones. The same goes for the mint. If you plant mint, we’ll attract good energies. We’ve planted St John’s wort for the Full Moon. When should we plant rosemary?”

A: “I think that growing things is a spiritual practice. It is a way of being connected to the earth. It is also a very simple way to connect with the elemental energies of the world. Gardening is not just about growing a beautiful garden, although that is important. It is about connecting with nature. It is a magical act that you can perform. The blob represents the physical world, and the plants are the life energies. By planting the St John’s wort, you connect with the energies of the sun. The sun is an important element in magic. It represents the spiritual energies of the world. When things grow, it is the sun that makes it happen.”

A: “What is the best place for a garden? Is it the place with the best soil? The best climate? The most sun? Or is there a magical and spiritual reason that is more important? Perhaps it is the intention, the care, the love, the nurturing, the planting, the harvesting, the singing that makes the garden.”