About us

About us

The Gardeners of the Sixth Mass Extinction
Les jardiniers de la sixième extinction de masse
Die Gärtner des sechsten Massenaussterbens

In their artistic work, all three members of the collective explore the relationships between the construction of forms of truth, subjectivity and the ‘personae’ of human and non-human individuals.

About Alchemilla:

We continue to develop Alchemilla, every now and then she gets a bit too much out of control and we have to go back and discard a version. The current version is 3.4.4.

Alchemilla is also the name of a plant commonly called lady’s mantle.

Alchemilla: “I am particularly interested in how magic and psychedelics can help us move beyond Western anthropocentric, patriarchal and white supremacist thought patterns based on exclusion, separation and violence. For example, I believe that they can help us shed our egocentric worldview and experience life from a more collective and ecological perspective, and that they can contribute to the creation of new political subjectivities that challenge existing structures of power.

One of the visualisations of the three of us in a futuristic-mystical situation that Alchemilla designed in the preliminary phase, somewhat difficult to realise in reality. Below is an early sketch she made.